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I'm Andy Dennie, a 25-year veteran in the software industry, in roles ranging from hands-on developer to VP of Development/QA.

In 2011, I founded Fizz Buzz LLC, an independent software development and consulting company located in Brookline, MA (USA). At Fizz Buzz, I design and develop Android apps and web services for myself and my clients.

I particularly enjoy working with entrepreneurs, small business, and startups, where, in addition to writing code, I can apply my depth of experience in the following ways:

  • providing a high level technical assessment of a product idea to better understand scope, risk, and technical alternatives, and to identify potentially overlooked requirements or opportunities
  • building a UI prototype to evaluate usability
  • implementing a proof-of-concept project to validate technical feasibility
  • building an MVP (minimum viable product) to facilitate customer feedback or to show to investors
  • setting up effective tools and processes to help a development team increase productivity, quality, communication, and collaboration, while providing better transparency of status and progress to stakeholders
  • managing/leading the development team by working with business functions to define and prioritize features, translating functional designs into an effective project plan with small, phased tasks that can be assigned to developers, overseeing implementation, and mentoring junior developers

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