Here are a few of my recent client projects.  Please see my LinkedIn profile for additional details.


Client: WHOOP

WHOOP is a fitness startup with an offering targeted at elite athletes, combining physiological monitoring with mobile apps and an online data analytics software platform.   Its wearable technology records biometric data 24/7, while the companion apps combine this data with user input and communicate with the WHOOP service platform, allowing athletes and coaches to monitor and optimize energy level, performance, and recovery.

Project Summary:

Created WHOOP's Android app, applying design elements from their iOS app while also adapting appropriately for Android UI/UX conventions. The app collects raw data from the WHOOP wearable device via Bluetooth, integrates with a native signal processing library, and communicates with the WHOOP back-end service.

Project Summary:

Helped build and deliver Affectiva’s first Android SDK for analyzing facial expressions in photo and video content.  This SDK can accept input in the form of photos, video files, a live video stream from the device’s camera, or individual video frames. It processes the received input using a native C++ library for facial expression recognition and emotional scoring, and delivers results back to the client.  

Client: Affectiva

Affectiva leverages facial coding science and emotion analytics to deliver insights to Fortune 500 companies, market research agencies, and entertainment and media publishers.

Project Summary:

Since 2013, I have been Fitivity's Technology Advisor and overall architect, evaluating and recommending technologies to fit the company's business goals, and guiding/mentoring the development team regarding best practices, processes, and tools.

Client: Fitivity

Fitivity offers a family of sports and fitness apps for iOS and Android (>250 apps, > 2 million downloads) that guide users through training programs and inform them about nearby events of interest. 

Project Summary:

Developed an initial proof-of-concept prototype Android app to demonstrate technical feasibility of Jaze's product concept, which involves integrating with a on-board diagnostic (OBD) module via Bluetooth to collect automotive data from a vehicle. Took a later version of the app developed by a 3rd party and addressed functional and quality limitations to make it market-ready.

Client: Jaze

Jaze is a startup that is developing a consumer mobile app for automobile diagnostics.