In addition to client work, I enjoy developing independent apps and open source projects.  Here are a few things I've worked on.



shush! ringer restorer

Shush! is an Android app which helps users manage their phone's ringer volume, by popping up when they silence the ringer and offering to restore the volume later, after a selected interval.  Over 1 million downloads.

news valet

News Valet is a family of social newsreader apps for Android, backed by a common service platform which collects and aggregates content.  Each app provides content from a selection of information sources related to a particular topic.

open source projects


A class exposing RxJava-based helper methods for interacting asynchronously with Android's Bluetooth-related APIs.


A 3-tier framework for building RESTful web servies in Java on the Google App Engine platform (note: Fitivity's web services are built on Vroom).


A set of helper base classes for using Dagger 1 dependency injection with Android components such as Applications, Activities, Fragments, BroadcastReceivers, and Services.


A helper library for implementing Android Services that manage Bluetooth connections.