My Background

Since starting Fizz Buzz in 2011, I have been focused on technologies in the mobile app ecosystem, with emphasis on hands-on development of Android apps, SDKs, and web service APIs as back ends to multi-platform mobile and web apps.  I've also published a number of open source libraries, as a way of giving back to the community that has helped me so much over the years.  

Prior to my work at Fizz Buzz, I spent 25 years building software at companies such as Integrity Interactive, eRoom Technology, Documentum (part of EMC), FTP Software, HyperDesk, and Data General, in roles ranging from  developer to VP of Engineering. That blend of experience helps me to look at software projects from all dimensions -- not just considering the technical aspects, but also the many other factors that contribute to success or failure, including design/UX, resourcing and teamwork, tools and methodology, risk management, estimation and scheduling.