A few comments from folks I've been fortunate to work with... see my LinkedIn profile for a more complete set of recommendations.

Working with Andy was a pleasure. He was very detail oriented and thorough on our project, and did a great job architecting a first version of our Android client. Would definitely recommend Andy for any Android project.
— Andrew Khatutsy, iOS developer at WHOOP
Throughout my working relationship with Andy he has continually exceeded my expectations. He has turned my junior engineering team into a reliable and well organized group of engineers that execute at a high level.
— Guy Pistone, CEO at Fitivity
It was a thrilling experience to work with Andy. Things really took off as soon as he joined the team and I enjoyed observing how he took our Android codebase to the solid code and process it is in now.

Andy has the recipe for building a solid foundation with which to roll out stellar quality products. No more excuses for woozy doozy coding.
— Youssef Kashef, developer at Affectiva
Andy was a great colleague and adviser while we were working together at Fitivity, Inc. He has a vast wealth of knowledge from his years of experience as well as the know-how to apply it appropriately to find creative solutions for any issues that may be encountered. Even when faced with an issue he’s never seen before, he can know where to look for help and how to leverage the knowledge he’s gained. He works flexibly and quickly to reach business requirements without cutting corners and while simultaneously emphasizing proper and intelligent ways of doing things from the get-go.

Besides his technical savvy, Andy’s greatest asset is his skilled leadership. He is a fantastic communicator and can keep track of the bigger picture without getting lost in the details. He takes the time to work one-on-one with people and has the patience to help them through any problems they might have. He’s a great asset to any company and I look forward to any work we may do together in the future
— Alex Kong, Android developer at Fitivity
Andy is a skilled communicator and coordinator who has proven to be effective at all levels of the organization, from the executive ranks to working with individual contributors within the development and cross-functional teams. He is a team player who has the ability to bring people together collaboratively while leading them to focus on results.
— Mike Daigle, VP Software Product Management at Integrity Interactive
Andy’s technical savvy and pragmatism make working with him a pleasure. He was an excellent partner to me in my role as Product Manager because of his ability to articulate the tradeoffs and serve as a willing partner to find a winning compromise.
— Steven Telio, Product Manager at EMC
Andy’s deep and broad technical skill set, along with his detail oriented focus make him a very effective software development leader. In addition to technical leadership abilities, Andy also has solid decision making skills, and consistently acted with a strong sense of integrity.
— John McDonald, Product Manager at EMC
Andy is one of those rare professionals who can manage the technical details of a development project while also being fully mindful of the process and people issues.
— Beth Rosenzweig, Program Manager at EMC