What I do

My main area of interest and expertise is in mobile and web applications, with a specific focus on development of Android apps and back-end web services that support multi-platform clients (e.g. Android, iOS, and web apps).  I've been doing hands-on development in this space since 2011, for myself and a variety of clients.


How I do it

I offer my services on a freelance basis, as a "1099" independent contractor.  I do most of my work from my office in Brookline, MA, although I am available to go on-site at a nearby client's office for initial ramp-up and periodic meetings. Contact me for my current rates.


I can help you...

turn your vision into reality

With my experience, I'm very comfortable taking your ideas and designs and translating them into a complete Android app with a sharp-looking user interface, great performance, and high quality.


In the current market, experienced Android developers are in somewhat short supply.  While you're searching for the right candidate, I can get (or keep) your project moving forward.


Could your project use a boost of experience, expertise, or just plain old get-it-done productivity?  I can help you reach your next goal more quickly.

Explore, analyze, experiment, improve

In addition to providing "everyday" development services, my extensive background allows me to contribute in other ways; for example I can:

  • Provide a high-level technical assessment of a product idea to help you understand scope, risk, and technical options, and to identify potentially overlooked requirements or opportunities
  • Build a UI prototype to evaluate usability
  • Implement a proof-of-concept project to validate technical feasibility
  • Build an MVP (minimum viable product) to facilitate customer feedback or to show to investors
  • Work with business functions to define and prioritize features, translating functional designs into an effective project plan with small, phased tasks that can be assigned to developers
  • Recommend and establish effective tools and processes to help your development team increase productivity, quality, communication, and collaboration, while providing better transparency of status and progress to stakeholders